Why OnlyFans Models Should Have 2 Accounts

Why OnlyFans Models Should Have 2 Accounts

OnlyFans has founded and dominated fan club social media sites. Fan club sites are becoming essential for models looking to monetize their creative content and enhance their relationship with their audience. 

Since the launch of OnlyFans, models have been coming up with and testing new strategies with the hopes of growing their subscription bases. OnlyFans, like any other business, will have customers that have different purchasing power. 

This is why businesses often offer tiers of service to meet their potential customers budget. For example, a business may offer a free or low cost option, a standard option (often recommended by the business), and a premium option (for higher ticket items). With each tier, customers of the company will naturally expect to pay more and to receive more value in return the more money they spend.

Make no mistake, OnlyFans is a business! Your business! Be proactive and accommodate your fans. It is not good practice to only focus on your higher paying fans or to set all of your prices low assuming your fan base can not afford higher ticket content. 

The 2 OnlyFans Accounts Strategy

The two account strategy for OnlyFans models is as follows: 1 Free Account and 1 Gated Account.

In this strategy your free account is simply used to blow up your monthly subscriptions. This is the account for your advertisements and collaborations. Many will join for free and immediately you will have a list of fans to sell PPV (pay per view) content to.

The second gated account with a monthly subscription is then promoted on your first free page—to fans already familiar with the platform— and is reserved for longer content and more intimate access to you. Essentially creating a free and premium version of your OnlyFans.

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