What Is OnlyFans? How do I Use OnlyFans As A Model?

What Is OnlyFans? How do I Use OnlyFans As A Model?

OnlyFans.com is a web based app that can be accessed by any mobile device. OnlyFans was launched by Fenix International Limited in 2016 as a website for social media creators to monetize—aka make money—the content they were already in the habit of creating. The idea was to allow creators followers to subscribe to their page for a monthly fee to see gated photos and videos.

As of February 2020, the site has 20 million registered users and made statements to have paid out $400 million to its 200,000 content creators.

Build A Closer Relationship With Your Followers.

The OnlyFans app has a natural flow of intimacy and communication. As a model influencer creating an OnlyFans account will be beneficial in identifying who your superfans are  in your current fan base. Not all, but some. These are the people that want to support you and your endeavors. OnlyFans allows you to communicate with and sell to this audience anytime at a moments notice. 

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 Create A Business Around Your Social Media Content

You are currently in the habit of creating modeling content for your social media favorites. Now you have the option on Onlyfans to create new content then decide which pieces of new content are free and which can be sold to your audience. Be sure to have an Onlyfans content strategy. Ask your core fan base what content they want to buy. This practice is sure to strengthen the relationship and close sales. 

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Grow Your Current Audience

In many conversations about the OnlyFans app what is often left out is the fact that OnlyFans is really a social media platform as well. There is massive potential for you as a model to grow your audience rapidly. Through the free subscription strategy and collaborations with other models, it is confirmed that models can grow just as big on OnlyFans as their followings on other social media platforms. The best part is these new subscribers are already ready on the platform and trained to buy.

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