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Before starting an OnlyFans account you must first figure out your content strategy. Do you want your channel's content to be PRUDE, NUDE, or XXX? This step is important because it will determine your future socially and financially on the OnlyFans app. Take your time, there is no judgment here. This is a personal decision and we in no way want to guide this decision for you. Perhaps you have previously thought about it and you’ve made your decision already. Here are some things to consider.

Do your followers shower you with compliments about your looks? What do they say? What do they wish? Or are they more in love with your personality, or maybe your talent? Answering this question is critical to understanding the options you have for your content strategy on the OnlyFans app.

PRUDE - Prude content is content that does not involve any nudity or sexually explicit acts. Many models have been successful on OnlyFans as Prude content creators. They simply reserve some never before seen content just for their OnlyFans audience. Prude models sometimes struggle with retention long term on OnlyFans and focus on new subscribers and valuable incentives. If you have a special talent you can charge to showcase your talent or for your expert advice.

NUDE - Nude content is content that involves partial or full nudity. Essentially turning their profile to an online gentleman's club. Many creators have found very fast success, thanks to the power of the OnlyFans platform.

XXX - Xxx content is content that involves sexual intercourse for all to see. Essentially turning their profile into an adult content site. Yes, OnlyFans app is only accessed by your superfans and has protection from theft, such as the watermarking feature, but it would be more safe to assume the content may spill outside of the OnlyFans platform one day. If you are comfortable with this strategy, OnlyFans is certainly a platform to have great financial success.

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