Quarantined and Jobless, The Coronavirus Pandemic’s Effects On OnlyFans

Quarantined and Jobless, The Coronavirus Pandemic’s Effects On OnlyFans

Everything was great. 2020 was supposed to be the pivotal year for many to change their lives for the better. During March, 2020 everybody in the world’s life suddenly became affected by the emergence of the coronavirus deriving from China. The deadly virus quickly spread over the globe and now we are all on lock down as mandatory quarantine is now becoming the new normal. At least until we find a cure or the rapid spread of Covid-19 subsides.

 OnlyFans has recently issued some helpful tips to inspire creators to create content during a global pandemic. In the month of March 2020, OnlyFans saw its numbers of new users and new creators sky rocket. Sex workers and the general public are quarantined and jobless. OnlyFans has seen a 70% increase in new account sign ups. 170,000 new users each day and at least 60,000 of them are new creators.

 Many OnlyFans creators have also enjoyed an increase in sales and subscriptions as the world is suddenly forbidden from leaving there homes. A lot of people around the globe are experiencing a spike in their stress levels and sexual energy. Some OnlyFans models have stated that there has been an increase in communication as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Making a point that they have become like nude therapists for many who’s lives have changed drastically. 

 The surge in new armature content has some creators concerned about if there is enough money to go around. But it is safe to say that you as a model creator have the power. If you are consistent with your content creation, nurturing your audience, and collaborations then you will continue to have loyal subscribers and new subscribers that can become loyal to your content.

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