OnlyFans PPV Pay Per View Sales Tips

OnlyFans PPV Pay Per View Sales Tips

OnlyFans has a PPV (pay per view) feature that can be used to post gated content directly on your feed or send gated content to all of your subscribers or to individual subscribers via direct message. On this content you also have the ability to receive tips with the amount set by you or your subscriber. This means you can earn even more money if your subscribers like what they see. 

Find The Buyer First

When thinking about selling PPV (pay per view) content on OnlyFans you should try to utilize one golden rule of thumb in business— find buyer first! You’ll be getting many inquiries from your subscribers—some will be very direct and some will just want to chat. This would be a great chance to ask them what type of content they would like to purchase from you. By creating custom content from requests, you will almost certainly make PPV sales easier and request heavier tips! 

Poll (Ask) -  

Create a poll and ask what they would like to see on your page. Pin the poll to the top of the page so your subscribers don’t miss it. You should also ask subscribers individually through direct messages for a more intimate connection sure to boost your bottom line . 

Test (Post) -

Create OnlyFans content for the requested themes.

Track (Sales) -

Keep track of the engagement you receive on posts with different content. You should begin to recognize which content sold the most, received the most tips, and which content received the most likes. 

Reverse Engineer (Schedule) -

Now that you have tested and tracked your OnlyFans content ideas, you should now have clear data from your subscribers to determine which OnlyFans content ideas perform the best. You can now predict how many posts you need to reach your monthly PPV sales goals. 

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