How to Start an OnlyFans

How to Start an OnlyFans

So you’re an instagram model and you’ve built up all of this influence. What now? If you're like most instagram models you’d like to make the most of this and monetize your content. The OnlyFans app has proven to be a go to platform to monetize your model content and also creating a more intimate relationship with your followers. Here are a few tips for when you are ready to sign up for OnlyFans.


1. $500 AT 10K

Before you sign up for OnlyFans,  first click our OO Models referral link. It is free and guarantees you an early $500 bonus from OO Models when you reach your first $10k in revenue on the OnlyFans app.

You will earn $500 whenever you reach the $10,000 in revenue threshold, whether it takes one month or many. Many Onlyfans models reach $10k within their first month or two on the OnlyFans app, others miss out on their first bonus opportunity.

 2. Consider Creating 2 Accounts

The two account strategy for OnlyFans models is as follows: 1 Free Account and 1 Gated Account.

In this strategy your free account is simply used to blow up your monthly subscriptions. This is the account for your advertisements and collaborations. Many will join for free and immediately you will have a list of fans to sell PPV (pay per view) content to.

The second gated account with a monthly subscription is then promoted on your first free page—to fans already familiar with the platform— and is reserved for longer content and more intimate access to you. Essentially creating a free and premium version of your OnlyFans.

Be sure to create both accounts through the OO Model referral link so you get your $500 At 10K bonus on both accounts!

3. Selecting The Right Subscription Rate

How much are you worth? The subscription rate that you choose will directly affect your goals for your monthly income. Are you worth $5 a month? If you are an instagram model influencer you should feel your worth through your demand. Charge $9.99/mo for a happy medium or $10+ if you are in demand. If you do not offer a free account, you want to be aware of your subscribers potential budget—as they will want to purchase additional content from you as well. 

4. Advertise and Promote Your OnlyFans Page

Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, TikTok, etc to promote your OnlyFans page. Link your page in your profiles for easy access. All the while creating advertisements for your page through your content. These could be teaser clips, photos, announcements, giveaways, and polling. This is important for promoting your page to your current followers that are already familiar with you and already fans of yours. You can add your link to your personal website and even create a custom URL for your OnlyFans link with your custom branding. 

5. Nurture Your Fans

Consistency and communication are vital for success. Make a posting schedule and stick to it. Reply to your comments and DMs from your subscribers. Let your fans feel comfortable. Create a process for them to get closer to you.

Find out what your followers/fans want and learn what works with your audience. Create questions with polls to ask your followers/fans what kind of content they wish to see next. Rule of thumb— over deliver for a premium.

Track what’s successful and works with the help of the analytics features on OnlyFans app. For PPVs, you can track how many messages have been opened, read, and which price points are working the best and most profitable.

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