Go Live! and Grow Your OnlyFans

Go Live! and Grow Your OnlyFans

Ever since Periscope introduced live video chat to social media, many social media competitors have adopted the feature. In recent months there has been an explosion of live video broadcasts across social media. Celebrities can now throw virtual parties with unlimited capacity.

With the humbling coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic sweeping across the world and governments initiating mandatory quarantines for all non-essential workers, celebrities and regular people alike are taking advantage of our new way of life. DJ D-Nice began hosting virtual parties in his living room on Instagram Live attracting over 100,000 viewers and dozens of celebrity appearances. His story quickly spread and now he has named his live broadcasts Club Quarantine.

Sparking many celebrities to follow suit, rapper and R&B singer Tory Lanez launched Quarantine Radio on his Instagram Live. A very entertaining show of music, fan twerk contests, and a Wow Challenge for any talent a fan may have. His broadcasts became so successful, he attracted over 350,000 viewers and celebrities, breaking the Instagram Live record of viewers. He also attracted the attention of Instagram the company. Instagram temporarily restricted Tory Lanez from live broadcasting claiming it was explicit material that did not meet Instagram’s  community guidelines. Why? Because the 350,000 viewers wanted to see more nudity of the models.

So what does all of this mean? It proves the power of the live broadcast feature and that it can be very beneficial for OnlyFans creators. For these examples let’s imagine we’re using Instagram Live.

Start Your Own Live - Host live events, private video giveaways, contests,etc. The goal is have your audience share your live to participate, go to the next level, see more, etc. 

Appear As A Guest - Many instagram models find success requesting to join other influencers live videos. You can get a live endorsement from an influencer for their fans to follow you, support you, and purchase from you.

Live Takeover - If you have similar friends or if you are collaborating with someone, ask them if you can do a Live Takeover on their account. Basically randomly popping up in front of a new audience and entertaining them. Live videos are very intimate and people can get to know you through video and chat very quickly. Give them clear call to action on where to follow you.

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