Earning Your First $10K Month on OnlyFans

Earning Your First $10K Month on OnlyFans

Starting your OnlyFans journey as an Instagram model or an adult entertainer is an exciting step in your career. In the palm of your hand, you have the capability to easily curate a list of your most loyal followers and superfans that are interested in seeing and purchasing more of your work. 

As of February 2020, the OnlyFans app has 20 million registered users and has made statements to have paid out $400 million to its 200,000 content creators.

There are OnlyFans models earning over 1 million dollars annually on OnlyFans. But in this article we want you to focus on making your first $10,000 in a month. We want you to visualize what it actually takes to achieve a $10,000 monthly income to ensure you set your goals correctly. 

$500 at 10K

Before you sign up for Onlyfans be sure you first click our OO Models referral link and sign up for your OnlyFans account. It is free and guarantees you an early $500 bonus from OO Models when you reach your first $10k in revenue on the OnlyFans app.

You will earn $500 whenever you reach the $10,000 in revenue threshold, whether it takes one month or many. Many Onlyfans models reach $10k within their first month or two on the OnlyFans app, others miss out on their first bonus opportunity.

Monthly OnlyFans Subscription Rates To Make $10,000 A Month on OnlyFans 

$10 x 1,000 subscribers = $10,000/mo!

$20 x 500 subscribers = $10,000/mo!!

$30 x 333 subscribers = $10,000/mo!!!

$40 x 250 subscribers = $10,000/mo!!!!

Or A Combination Of Monthly OnlyFans Subscriptions & OnlyFans PPV Sales (Pay Per View)

$10 x 500 subscribers = $5,000/mo! + 500 PPV sales at $10 or 250 PPV sales at $20 or 100 PPV sales at $50 = $10,000/mo!

$20 x 250 subscribers = $5,000/mo!! + 500 PPV sales at $10 or 250 PPV sales at $20 or 100 PPV sales at $50 = $10,000/mo!!

$30 x 166 subscribers = $5,000/mo!!! + 500 PPV sales at $10 or 250 PPV sales at $20 or 100 PPV sales at $50 = $10,000/mo!!!

$40 x 125 subscribers = $5,000/mo!!!! + 500 PPV sales at $10 or 250 PPV sales at $20 or 100 PPV sales at $50 = $10,000/mo!!!!

It is our opinion at OO Models that the best way to reach your first 10K in revenue on OnlyFans is to focus on your subscribers first. The two account OnlyFans strategy, is the best for fast growth. This is because one account is free to join.

The two account strategy for OnlyFans models is as follows: 1 Free Account and 1 Gated Account.

In this strategy your free account is simply used to blow up your monthly subscriptions. This is the account for your advertisements and collaborations. Many will join for free and immediately you will have a list of fans to sell PPV (pay per view) content to.

The second gated account with a monthly subscription is then promoted on your first free page—to fans already familiar with the platform— and is reserved for longer content and more intimate access to you. Essentially creating a free and premium version of your OnlyFans.

Be sure to create both accounts through the OO Model referral link so you get your $500 At 10K bonus on both accounts!

For more in depth information:

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